SalesCRM for the Freelancer

Make the next step in freelancing with
professional organization of your client portfolio

A successful freelancing career requires outstanding organization and planning skills.  

Freelancing traditionally starts in a “scrappy mode” – hustling for closing a client and playing the “hit-and-miss” game. And once you get past this feast and famine cycle, you finally discover a working set of principles that make your freelance business fruitful – a recurring stream of leads, juggling with multiple proposals at a time, and dealing with seasonality and slow periods during the holiday seasons

Predictability, financial projections, proper account management are the key differentiators that veteran freelancers indicate. And spreadsheets or sifting through your inbox consume too much of your energy to enable you to scale effectively.

We have a streamlined solution to your problem – and it’s called SalesCRM. It is the optimal tool when you have to juggle numerous projects, stay on top of customer communication and seize sales opportunities. 

Your Personal Benefits

SalesCRM is a cloud-based SaaS that will help you manage every step of the customer journey. The tool automates the boring part of your freelance business so that you may focus on growing it (and doing what you do best!).

A single dashboard to rule them all

Complex CRM systems are cluttered with tens of thousands of features you probably can’t leverage at this scale. And speed of execution is crucial to success – which is why user experience is what led us to developing the product in the first place.

If you are used to working with spreadsheets, this is the smoothest transition to an automated tool that you need. SalesCRM allows you to quickly add leads – companies and individuals – and link them to projects. You don’t need to leave the dashboard if you’re mass-adding leads during an event or on the go.

Sales reports and forecasts

Financial information is organized in a simple way with simple yet powerful reports for freelancers. SalesCRM can generate reports on companies, customers and projects so that you can easily make forecasts and plan your operations. Quickly discover how many projects your top lead brought in or what is the minimum revenue you need to bring in per project to succeed.

Flexible customization

While we’ve generated presets to let you start immediately, dropdowns and categories are editable. Define the project types or plans you offer most frequently. Select the currencies you’re selling in (and avoid the endless international list). Leave the countries you sell at all the time for easy access and navigation.

Every click matters – especially when your time is the most valuable asset here.

Available on the go, for multiple users

SalesCRM is a cloud-based software that you may use on all your desktop and mobile devices. Gain access during sales meetings or while planning your plan for the coming day while lying on the bed. Invite your assistant to sift through and organize data for you without paying extra per user seat (a usual practice in the CRM ecosystem).

The SalesCRM Features you will love, in one dashboard, to easily manage leads

Customers database

All the people you work with and their contacts, linked to companies and projects. Add your customers to the SalesCRM and assign roles to them so it is easier to manage your joint work.

Companies database

All the companies you target or work with, sorted out by their relation to your business (company type), industry, number of employees, also linked to customers and projects.

Projects database

Manage thousands of contacts and hundreds of ongoing projects at a time. Follow-up leads in a year to unlock new opportunities.


Reporting is based on all data stored in the system into the customer, company and project databases. Reports are also exportable to CSV files.