SalesCRM for Marketing Agencies

Spend your time pitching creative ideas and scaling your business, not handling administration and contacts

More than most businesses, a marketing agency needs to stay impeccably organized. From sales calls and paperwork to sending emails and tracking leads, managing an agency often requires various types of software to make things work. It can, however, get overwhelming to switch between spreadsheets, email applications, contact lists and task lists. Having to switch to a separate program for each task makes it more difficult to stay on top of things, and it wastes precious time. The need for an easy-to-integrate CRM marketing automation system, then, cannot be stressed enough.

SalesCRM is a customer relationship management system that eliminates the need for multiple platforms. A program with an intuitively simple interface means that you can manage all of your business relationships in one place, without having to switch between a dozen different programs. Gain a clearer understanding of your clients, acquire new leads, build relationships, and manage projects in the simplest way possible. With this lead management software, everything you need to stay organized is on one clean dashboard.

Your Benefits

SalesCRM is a simple yet powerful cloud-based platform for building customer relationships on the go. Created by a marketing agency for all fellow professionals out there, It is suitable for both individuals (marketing consultants) and teams.

Multi-task with ease

An average day in a marketing agency can go from project management and number crunching to tracking leads and forecasting. A customer relationship management system is the perfect way to streamline multiple tasks and maintain a holistic overview of projects, contacts and the progress of relationships. SalesCRM’s real-time dashboard maximizes efficiency and productivity with smart categories, add-ons and mobility. More than just lead management software, it offers all the tools you need to grow.

Work on the go

We understand that not all work happens in the office. In the fast-paced world of modern marketing, it’s important to have a customer relationship management system that doesn’t keep you stuck in one place. Accessible on desktop and mobile devices, SalesCRM allows you to stay busy when it matters most, like when you’re in meetings, networking or traveling.

Leverage analytics

Stay on track of all your projects using insightful data reporting from the finest CRM marketing automation. Data related to projects and sales is directly linked to the relevant clients, then presented through an intelligent interface. Use this information for forecasting, tracking project milestones and financial planning. To promote collaboration and break communication silos, reports are shareable. Add clients and team members to your system to give them access to the same data.

Make connections

Marketing is all about making meaningful connections. Each day, you interact with clients, freelancers, partners, leads and other key stakeholders. With an advanced contact management program, you can see where each of these relationships stands. This CRM marketing automation system takes care of the tedious aspects of data entry. As a lead management software, SalesCRM makes it easy for you to categorize contacts and projects so that every communication you make is targeted, meaningful and impactful.


A: CRM, marketing automation and sales are a natural combination. A tight bond between the CRM software and marketing automation will allow you to transfer information between marketing and sales much more easily, improving customer service and increasing prospects, conversions and returning customers. 

A: A CRM system’s main benefit in marketing automation is that it eliminates the need for multiple platforms. Many of these programs have intuitive and simple interfaces that allow you to manage all your business interactions in one place. 

A: Lead management is a fundamental aspect of marketing automation. CRM software takes it to the next level. A CRM automates much of the work done with lead management software. It helps to track leads as they mature into sales, follows up with leads automatically and logs all relevant data to improve customer service. 

A: Every business can be more efficient, and that is the main goal of any CRM. Customer relationship management systems streamline many important tasks that might have previously been on separate platforms. It can help provide an overview of projects, contacts and the progress of relationships.

A: Take for instance email automation. E-mail is the number one way to generate leads online. Automated CRM marketing can generate automated yet customized emails to engage leads and help boost conversions. A customized “thank you” note or a personalized discount via email might just seal the deal. 

A: Campaign management involves both timed and triggered events to help push leads further along a sales cycle. These events can be autonomously managed by CRM software. E-mail is crucial here too as these campaigns rely on email blasts to large numbers of accounts.

A: Lead gen software is designed to generate a higher number and better quality of sales leads. The more quality leads generated, the higher your company’s profits. This software falls under the umbrella of marketing automation and can be optimized by pairing it with a CRM system.

A: The smart automation enhanced by CRM takes human error out of lead management & tracking. It all but eliminates laborious data entry and reduces input errors. A CRM system also makes it easier to categorize contacts and projects so leads can be targeted with messages and offers relevant to them.