About SalesCRM

What Is SalesCRM

Designed for agencies by an agency, SalesCRM is optimized for service-based businesses. We know how software firms, support and maintenance businesses, design studios, SEO agencies operate – this is why we only kept feature makes sense and added functionalities that agencies really need.

Migrate from emails and spreadsheets to set your negotiations and presales processes professionally. Track down leads, prospects and opportunities, budget reports, follow-ups, rolling initiatives together

Organize your customers, vendors, partners, leads, and prospects information in a lightweight but powerful cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application.
Follow-up leads for new opportunities and nurture existing customers for upsales.

Clean and uncluttered, SalesCRM is built to scale with your business. All your business connections are set in a single dashboard screen – while we keep adding meaningful features, the simple one-glance dashboard is here to stay.

Why SalesCRM?

We had it build for ourselves.

We didn’t need tons of graphs and widgets as we believe figures speak for themselves. Speaking of figures, extensive reporting is built-in. Evaluation of contracts and profitability is possible – just sort and export

We didn’t need another mass-mailing functionality because we write to our customers in person. Doing otherwise would have put the Relationship out Customer Relationship Management.

We know why small and medium businesses still swear by spreadsheets – you only input data that you really need. Unlike enterprise-level solutions that put business initiatives in a corporate straight jacket, SalesCRM is designed for what you care about – customers and bottom line.

Ditch your bulky corporate CRM software, migrate from emails and spreadsheets to a system optimized for agencies.