The CRM For Service Businesses

Sometimes, using a B2B CRM application can be just as complex as using different apps for multiple tasks. We’ve kept it simple, so that each feature is one that actually serves you. This makes SalesCRM an easy to use CRM. No fuss. No hassle. No frustration.

Simplified Dashboard

Your SalesCRM dashboard isn’t cluttered by things you don’t need. From here, you can easily manage communication, track project progress and access your customer database. Maintain a complete overview of customers, partners, projects and reports. That’s the true meaning of an easy to use CRM system.

Individual Profiles

Our B2B CRM application allows you to build complete profiles for each contact. This feature means that you are always aware of the initial context of the business relationship, making it possible to give personalized service and meaningful communication. Build and maintain positive relationships with a clearer understanding of each contact’s connection to your company.

Project Management

SalesCRM is also built to keep your projects purposeful and organized. Project details, including deadlines and budgets, are readily accessible. With smart tools like recurring reminders for specific milestones, you’re able to stay on track with our CRM SaaS, no matter where you are.

Insightful Reports

Extensive reporting gives you a better understanding of your customers and your projects. Save on time spent gathering and recording insights and data, and let the reporting feature make sense of it all. Use reports to gain trustworthy figures, plan for future projects and forecast outcomes.

Streamline Business Relationships

We don’t want to slow you down with complicated features. Our easy to use CRM gives you the chance to put people first. Customer-centric features mean that you can spend less time on tedious admin, and more time on creating the connections that scale your business. SalesCRM is built for service businesses, with the aim of making the management of projects and stakeholders as simple as can be.

Data is organized for your convenience and to provide a clearer understanding of your customers. This allows you to streamline each project, create effective messaging and improve customer experience.

Lastly, our CRM SaaS is designed to be a collaborative space. Foster communication between team members and departments, as well as between you and your customers. Whether you want to share project details, introduce key stakeholders to the B2B CRM application or create a central database that is accessible to sales teams, you’ll find that teamwork is less stressful with the CRM SaaS.

Quick Data Management

Additional toggles for bulk additions – add now, update later. Don’t worry about gathering tons of contacts at an event or after a keynote of yours.

Cloud Based SaaS

Access and manage your database on desktop, mobile, tablet. Your data is safe with us.

Designed to Scale

Manage thousands of contacts and hundreds of ongoing projects at a time. Follow-up leads in a year to unlock new opportunities.


A: Business to business customer relationship management, or B2B CRM, is a specific set of systems and technologies directed at businesses who sell to other companies as well as or instead of individual customers. A B2B CRM utilizes features that streamline business to business interactions. 

A: CRM systems help in the B2B space much in the same way that they do in retail sales. They use automation to help reduce errors and increase efficiency. This is extra important in B2B sales since they are going to have multiple considerations and requirements. 

A: SaaS is a specific kind of CRM. Therefore, it does a lot of the same things other CRMs will do. The difference is how B2B SaaS businesses use CRM. SaaS works best when it’s using clean data to help scale a business.   

A: The most popular names in CRM specialize in easy-to-use CRM systems. B2B sales can be hard to pin down in terms of what a specific company might need. A CRM is utilized to make these transactions easier. Easy use is inherent in the ethos of CRM businesses.

A: A user friendly B2B CRM system is supposed to be built so that each feature serves your business. Features like a simplified dashboard can help you keep track of project progress. There are even mobile apps so you can be connected out of the office.

A: The best SaaS CRM software for business to business transactions should have three main features. They need a streamlined interface, they should clearly present data that is easy to understand, and they need to be a collaborative space for all managers and team members.