SalesCRM for Business Consultants

Exceed expectations with clients and scale your project-based consultancy

Being a business consultant is all about customer relationships.    

As a business consultant, you’re in the business of improving other businesses. You are juggling multiple clients and prospects, and each of them deserves the best service you have to offer. Strategic partnerships are the backbone of any business consultancy, and that requires incredible organization, especially when you are running a small business. Our CRM tools for small business are made to improve efficiency, help you understand your customers and generate leads with ease. As a client management software, SalesCRM creates a clear-cut path to building and maintaining sustainable business relationships.

Your Benefits

Supercharge your customer management with a powerful, mobile-first CRM app designed for consultants.

Clients First

For consultants, clients are what keep your business going. Not only do you have to spend time and resources acquiring them, but you also need to keep them happy enough to stick around. Our client management software organizes customer details and maintains an up-to-date database so that you can communicate with ease and intention. By understanding where each relationship stands, you know exactly what action needs to be taken with each individual client. This allows you to create personalized services for each client and account, so that none of your clients feel overlooked.

configure project plans


With so many tasks and projects to fulfill, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using multiple apps. We believe CRM tools for small business shouldn’t be complicated. Instead, we’ve eliminated the need for various programs, giving you everything you need to manage your relationships on a single dashboard. From notes and project details to conversations and contacts, you only need one piece of software to access them all.

Reporting and Forecasting

Using spreadsheets to gather and make sense of data can be time-consuming and filled with error. Our CRM software for small business emphasizes accurate and useful sales reporting. Gain insights that drive key decision-making on profitable projects and successful deals. You’ll know how well you’re doing on sales, pick up on opportunities, set realistic targets and plan for the future of your business.

sales reports and forecasts

Ease of Use

Above all, our client management software is meant to be easy to integrate and use. Manage relevant data related to your contacts and projects on one simple dashboard. Our intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools are packed with high performance capabilities, allowing you to manage your entire business from virtually anywhere. This cloud-based CRM software for small business is accessible from desktop and mobile devices alike, giving you the freedom to work whenever it’s convenient for you.


A: Not only does client management software make sense for small businesses, it is ideal for them. The automation features of CRM systems help small businesses manage tedious data entry tasks without the need for additional employees. 

A: Client management software helps a small business owner to keep all the information for their clients in one place. This will help an independent operator optimize their time. They can make sure they are giving each client the individualized experiences they need without having to worry about data entry, email follow ups and other time-consuming tasks.

A: Elite CRM tools for small businesses can manage every aspect of a customer’s “lifecycle” with your business. Starting with marketing campaigns and sales leads, a CRM platform will help move potential customers to engage your company. It covers all the bases of marketing for your business on one platform.

A: A great CRM app for small business owners supports sales and customer service. It will record ongoing client requirements and can anticipate your customer’s needs. This kind of attention will make your customers happy. And happy customers spend more. 

A: Yes, you can’t beat a client management platform that integrates with all of your other systems, automates common tasks and then lets you optimize how your business functions. There is so much competition in the CRM space, you can benefit from these features without making a huge financial investment.