SalesCRM: The Straightforward CRM for Service Businesses

Manage customers, decision-makers, and projects in one place and streamline your agency for success.

Prospect Management

Add your clients, vendors, partners and manage multiple initiatives in one place.

Multiple Stakeholders

Add all stakeholders in a company for their corresponding roles – executives, sales directors, accounting, and even consultants.

Project Milestones

Manage your projects in a professional manner – budget, deadlines, current status – including your existing leads in presales.

CRM Made Simple

Customer Relationship Management is the first true step towards running a smarter business smarter. Time spent creating spreadsheets for clients and customers is time that could be dedicated to the fruitful tasks that actually grow your business. SalesCRM deviates from the complex processes associated with sales CRM software, giving you the tools that really matter. Whether you are a freelancer, business consultant or part of a marketing agency, this sales CRM system will allow you to manage projects and contacts all in one convenient place.

Why use sales CRM software in the first place?

Manual data collection and management rarely give you the chance to understand business relationships the way that the best CRM software does. With the insights gained from detailed reporting, you can use SalesCRM to create better messaging for customers, more efficient communication with stakeholders and easy collaboration across departments. Still, despite bringing a host of automated features to your fingertips, SalesCRM is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Contact Management

With advanced contact management, every interaction with prospective clients and customers is recorded. As the best CRM for startups, SalesCRM collects data from calls, emails and other communications and creates a centralized database that is accessible to all team members. This way, everyone can track progress and client history to make communication more meaningful, relevant and effective.

Sales Management

Sales teams gain access to data that allows them to track and close sales more quickly and efficiently. A complete overview of customer relationships makes it easier to manage sales pipelines and track every part of the sales journey. As a result, sales teams are able to improve customer service and experience significantly. This is what makes SalesCRM one of the best CRM for startups, where time, resources and staff are often scarce.

Sales Management


The bulk additions feature cuts down on time spent doing administrative tasks, giving you more room to focus on real productivity. With extensive reporting presented in a simple, intuitive interface, teams and individuals can easily access relevant information at any time. And, since the best CRM software provides you with accurate reporting that you can trust, neither you nor your team need to worry about human error.

Improve and Maintain Business Relationships

Ultimately, this sales CRM system is designed to help you and your team build meaningful and successful business relationships. Streamline projects and communications, know exactly who’s doing what and manage relevant data in one simple place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The best CRM software will vary from business to business, as well as application to application. What might be great for a certain type of business could not be the right fit for the next. A company might even want to deploy different CRM software for different uses and applications.

A: For startups, CRM software is essential. The best CRM for startups will enable a new business to stay organized and be able to juggle multiple tasks at once. It can store important contacts and centralizes your business processes. CRM software could also be helpful for when you are ready to start scaling up your business. 

A: Sales CRM software boosts results by implementing automated business processes. The object is to direct effective actions to help find good leads and close sales. CRM software should help make the most of your pipeline while minimizing errors. This will also increase efficiency within the sales department.

A: The best sales CRM software should be loaded with features. These features make the user’s job easier and more productive. Sales managers and sales reps need specific customization for aspects like team and territory management. It should also be able to match who you sell to and how you sell. 

A: Trying to advance CRM application processes to the next level should be easy and relatively seamless for companies who have experience with CRM software. Part of the appeal of CRM is its flexibility and being easily adaptable for scalability. The road from basic CRM to advanced applications is designed to grow with you. 

A: CRM systems for entrepreneurs will give solo operators a leg up. Having data and information available at a moment’s notice, will help entrepreneurs learn more about their customers and better cater to them. CRM software is perfect for entrepreneurs because of the high degree of automation, accuracy, and efficiency in marketing. 

A:  CRM software is a relatively low-cost investment for any business. This is due to an incredibly competitive market with many platforms vying for a piece. A sales CRM platform can be found for a fair price no matter the size of your business. Any business, new or established, will see a return on investment with CRM software. 

A:  CRM software is the clear choice for sales software in 2022. A top-rates sales app will more than likely be at least partly run by CRM software. Any business that wants to increase profits will be using this software. Whether or not you are reliant on e-commerce, CRM software is crucial for any company.

Stop Guesswork, Implement Transparency, And Scale Successfully

Don’t keep all conversations in emails, spreadsheets, or your PM system. As your business grows, you need to take the next step in your business journey.