SalesCRM: The Straightforward CRM for Service Businesses

Manage customers, decision-makers, and projects in one place and streamline your agency for success.

Prospect Management

Add your clients, vendors, partners and manage multiple initiatives in one place.

Multiple Stakeholders

Add all stakeholders in a company for their corresponding roles – executives, sales directors, accounting, and even consultants.

Project Milestones

Manage your projects in a professional manner – budget, deadlines, current status – including your existing leads in presales.

Easy to Use

Our SalesCRM dashboard was designed with growing agencies in mind. Instead of dealing with the cluttered interfaces of enterprise-grade CRM products, track everything down from a single dashboard screen with our Sales CRM software.


A growing business requires a zealous reporting mechanism. The best CRM for startups can answer various questions such as:

  • What are your most profitable projects?
  • Which stakeholders were involved in multiple initiatives?
  • Which companies brought the most work in?

Optimized For Service Businesses

We know how software firms, design agencies, and SEO companies operate. Everything revolves around ongoing projects and juggling with multiple initiatives at a time. The best CRM software has no problem doing all that.

Our SalesCRM includes milestones and roadmaps, project statuses, and refined reporting to keep you on track, whether in the office or while commuting to a meeting.

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