The CRM For Service Businesses

Manage your projects and stakeholders in one place with an intuitive interface.

Company Management

Manage business accounts, vendors, and partners in a single easy-to-use CRM dashboard

Manage or negotiate with your top-level accounts before introducing stakeholders and decision-makers through our CRM (customer relationship management) application.

Individual Touch Points

Maintain complete profiles of initial contacts and their relevance to the vendor through our CRM application. This way you’ll never forget the initial context once you’ve built the relationship.

Project Management

Keep a close eye on deadlines, budgets, and project details over time.

Set up recurring reminders prior to milestones or deadlines for your executive or sales team.

Configure Project Plans

An easy-to-use configuration toolkit for adding and updating project types as you need.

Start with your initial services and expand with plans and packages anytime you need.

Clean Dashboard

Put off by the dashboards cluttered with endless options and toggles that you see on other B2B CRM and CRM SaaS applications?

Manage your conversations, project details, and customer databases in one place. Easy to use and simple for onboarding account managers, sales reps, and even your own customers.

Extensive Reporting

Lightweight interface, powerful reporting – everything you need to start and maintain your customer database while having access to all data points you need.

Quick Data Management

Additional toggles for bulk additions – add now, update later. Don’t worry about gathering tons of contacts at an event or after a keynote of yours.

Cloud Based SaaS

Access and manage your database on desktop, mobile, tablet. Your data is safe with us.

Designed to Scale

Manage thousands of contacts and hundreds of ongoing projects at a time. Follow-up leads in a year to unlock new opportunities.