5 Ways Your Business Can Thrive By Applying A Mobile CRM Strategy

ways business can thrive by applying a mobile CRM strategy

Entrepreneurs and salespeople are often on-the-go. Most of them are busy and rarely have time to sit down and work on a computer, which is why mobile devices are extremely helpful for them.

However, opening different applications and trying to keep up with every single one can be confusing and time-consuming. This is where the convenience of mobile CRM apps come in, as they can help you sort your business out in just one app. Mobile CRMs can schedule meetings, make important phone calls, organize your tasks, keep essential client’s information and even automatically update clients, all in one app.

What Exactly Is A Mobile CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Mobile CRM apps are designed for tablets and smartphones. There are numerous CRM tools for desktops and laptops, but lately, CRM apps for mobile devices have become popular as well.

Connecting your CRM tool from your computer to your mobile device is now possible, as most tools have mobile apps. This allows you to access your customers’ data without having to open your laptop, which means that you can check data or work on your accounts even if you are on-the-go.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Mobile CRM Apps?

CRM tools and mobile apps can drastically scale your business. It can also help build closer relationships with your customers, which is fundamental since they are the ones bringing the sales in.

Here are the ways your mobile CRM app can help your business improve and thrive.
Increase In Sales

As we have mentioned above, most CRM apps focus on sales. You probably have a team of people working to bring the customers in, and these are the individuals that should be using these CRM apps.

With the convenience that the apps provide, your salespeople can work anytime and anywhere they prefer. They can spend most of their time doing fieldwork, and working on a laptop is not always an option. Mobile CRM apps will allow them to communicate with the customers and update their files whenever they need to.

Improved Conversion Rates

Since your salespeople will be able to handle customer queries faster, conversion rates will most likely improve, too. The more people they reach, the higher the chances of them acquiring more customers are. Also, people love customer representatives who respond in a fast manner, and since your salespeople have these CRM apps at their fingertips, it would be much easier to respond.

Your salespeople will be able to schedule more appointments, make notes in real-time, add or remove customer details and information, and interact with them without having to sit in the office. This will capitalize as better conversion rates over time, making CRM systems and apps such as SalesCRM a wise investment.

Better Productivity

Mobile CRM apps can increase productivity by a huge percentage. Cellphones and tablets are easier to carry and open, which encourages your employees to take a look at the system even when they are out and running meetings.

With a CRM app, you can easily organize your tasks according to your priorities. You can also delete or add tasks without having to open your desktop or laptop. Additionally, you can also turn the notifications on your phone to make it easier for you to keep track of your to-do list and tasks. Lastly, you can complete these tasks even if you are not sitting at your work station.

Better productivity also means increased sales, which in time will contribute to your total return on investment.

Improved Data Management

When your CRM system allows you to integrate it into a mobile app, then chances are your data quality will improve. Your salespeople have a lot in their hands, and they might not always be able to list everything down in their to-do list.

Salespeople most likely collect their data on-the-go when talking to potential customers, and taking notes on their laptop might not be an option at that moment. With a mobile CRM installed, they can simply open the app and input the data straight to the system. The database will then be automatically updated, eliminating the possibility of errors and such. Updating the system in real-time will definitely help bring more customers in, resulting in an increase in sales.

Better Time Management

Most CRM systems allow the employees and business owners to see how many times the employees have logged into the system. Using this feature, you can see how your employees are managing their time and if they are maximizing their time when they are out looking for new customers.

CRM systems and apps have performance review templates that make it easier for you to review how your employees are spending their working hours. Additionally, your employees and salespeople will also be able to see how they are spending their time outside and how much time they are spending on each customer. This helps them prioritize their actions and improve on fields that they need to improve on.


CRM systems and apps are useful not only for you and your salespeople but also for your customers as well. Your customers deserve the best service from you and your team, and with a decent mobile CRM installed to your devices, you can make sure that their needs are being met.

You should make sure to train your employees with the proper usage of CRM systems and apps before fully integrating them into your devices. They have to be able to use it to its maximum capacity to make the most out of it. Make sure to choose the right CRM to use so you and your employees can increase your business’ sales and revenue in no time.