SalesCRM for Marketing Agencies

Spend your time pitching creative ideas and scaling your business, not handling administration and contacts

Managing a marketing agency means constantly switching between sales calls and paperwork while maintaining that creative element your retainer clients expect from you. Keeping the agency culture intact is only possible through a rigid, strict schedule that requires efficient administration without blocking processes or endangering customer relationships. 

A successful marketing firm easily generates hundreds of fresh leads on a monthly basis. Using an outdated system or trying to manage everything through a complex chain of emails is not an efficient way to get the job done. On the other hand, opting for an enterprise solution will require hiring full-time staff to manage that software (instead of generating results). Ideally, what you need is a customer relationship management system, or CRM.

SalesCRM is a CRM marketing automation system and lead management software designed to help you stay on top of your marketing work while elimination the overhead spent on paperwork. Quickly meet your prospects, opportunities and scale by focusing on people, not spreadsheets. Sales CRM software can generate powerful reports monthly or quarterly for adequate financial planning – while you spend time on your clients instead.

Your Benefits

SalesCRM is a simple yet powerful cloud-based platform for building customer relationships on the go. Created by a marketing agency for all fellow professionals out there, It is suitable for both individuals (marketing consultants) and teams.

Contact and Partner Management

Manage your business relationships in one place. Leverage our dashboard for maximum productivity, the efficiency of our “Quick Add” toggles for single click additions on the go, and a number of powerful add-ons we’ve designed with productivity in mind.

Marketing agencies often have to manage freelancers, contractors, affiliates, partners and more – and that’s totally fine. Use our predefined categories or alter them as you see fit. Connect affiliates as referrals to project opportunities you’re working on. Make sure that everything is connected just as you expect it to be (and let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve the flow even further).

Designed for mobility

SalesCRM was tailored to the life of an entrepreneur – accessible in your Uber, available on your tablet during presentations, awaiting for contacts after your conference demo or a keynote talk. Our team “abuses” the usability across a myriad of mobile and tablet devices, and we’d love to port it to smart watches one day!

Quickly add your latest leads on the go with our quick dashboard toggles, upload notes or photos, and make lasting relationships that matter.

Sales reports and forecasts

Your analytical background helps you turn raw data into profit. SalesCRM will enhance accountability for all your projects and support a proactive sales approach. All projects and profit data will be stored and linked to customers, so that you may set your financial goals and see how you perform on a regular basis.

If you choose to add clients to your own SalesCRM system, you may assign designated roles to them. This way they may also receive automated reports, exchange documentation and track project milestones together with you.

Easy to adopt, you own your data

SalesCRM is really easy to migrate to – with an intuitive manual input and quick data addition. It’s even easier to maintain with milestones and roadmaps for ongoing contracts (and notes during client meetings). Quickly add companies and customers now and enrich the data later once you’re back from a business trip or an event.
SalesCRM is securely managed on your cloud-based account. You remain the sole owner of your data and can always export all your accounts.