SalesCRM for Business Consultants

Exceed expectations with clients and scale your project-based consultancy

Being a business consultant is all about customer relationships.    

Whether you’re the ace of LinkedIn live or the organizer of the local business meetup, generating leads and forming strategic partnerships is key to excelling at your craft.

And scaling operations is all about working closely with your customers and leads. But if you are stuck with paperwork, contact sorting, manually updating spreadsheets (and hoping that data will be left intact), it’s time for change. 

SalesCRM is a cloud-based client management software that will support you in building customer relationships while keeping track of every lead and project. It is a simple tool to nurture accounts and stay on top of projects even when you are on-the-go. It offers CRM tools for small business that will help keep your customers impressed by your services, making it easier for you to retain them.

And if partnerships and outsourcing are crucial to your success, we’ve got you covered. Add your partners and vendors in one spot and connect them into corresponding projects managed together. 

Your Benefits

Supercharge your customer management with a powerful, mobile-first CRM app designed for consultants.

Account and opportunity management

Don’t forget about your contacts the moment you leave a meeting or a trade show. Get your hands on the best sales CRM software now.

Use our “Quick Add” components to log company or customer emails in seconds before you jet off to your next meeting. Set reminders for upcoming engagements and define sample collaboration activities as “projects” (tracked down by their corresponding milestones).

Sales reports and forecasts

SalesCRM really shines when it comes to sales reporting. Track down your monthly or quarterly revenue generated across companies, clients, or projects. Filter down the most profitable projects and the least successful deals. Find out which contacts brought in the most revenue – and prepare your financial forecast accordingly.

Interactions in one place

It’s common to coordinate status updates or small talk across a dozen channels. SalesCRM lets you update notes and statuses per project or client, thus providing you the opportunity to just copy-paste conversations over, on the go, from your phone or tablet. Your most powerful conversation database with a streamlined and simplified user interface.

Easy to adopt and use

SalesCRM stores all the information on each customer, company and project in one place, managed in a single dashboard. You don’t need a dozen tools to get started or an enterprise-scale CRM that costs more than your house. Start immediately, import your existing contacts, leverage the quick add toggles on the dashboard, and you’ll be set in no time.